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Strolling down (TV) memory lane - bgirlla [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Strolling down (TV) memory lane [Apr. 15th, 2007|05:11 pm]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

I've been dumping my China Beach tapes onto DVD. I've also been reading some thirtysomething scripts to see how they were done, since the second pilot I'm doing is simliar to that show (though not so whiney!) and it just has reminded me of just how great some moments of television have been. Moments that have stuck in my brain all these years later, even though I haven't seen the shows in years. 

Since the fourth season of China Beach is my favorite, I actually sat down and watched some of those. I still tear up during "100 Klicks Out" when K.C. pulls out her lipstick and writes on her daughter Karen's dress "Boonie Lanier" and says "tell them to take you to Boonie Lanier" and then forces the soldiers to take Karen on the helicopter out of Saigon, K.C. staying behind. Not just that moment of mother's love from such a tough character, but K.C.'s faith that she can put her child on that helicopter and when they call up Boonie, he'll come and take care of her. Even though he has no clue. Even though she's not his kid. And the fact that Boonie does. In fact, her raises her as his own child. I love that moment. 

In deciding which script to read first, I saw the title "Micheal Writes a Story" and thought "That's the one where he tells the story about the watch, that Elliot told him." Beautiful. Painful. Wonderful moments that have stayed with me. 

Belker being handcuffed to the radiator. Conchata Ferrell's character on L.A. Law having a hot torrid night with her Russian husband who married her for the green card. The marvelous John Spencer's Tommy kissing the scar from the bullet wound on his ex-wife Zoey, which she thinks is ugly but he thinks is beautiful because she's alive. "As long as I have a job, you have a job." Willow's inability to find the "right" shirt to wear when they are going to meet Buffy at the hospital after her mother has died. 

I'm just getting notes back and making revisions on the second draft of a pilot script that I wrote. And while I'm not up there with the folks mentioned above yet, I hope someday that something I write sticks in someone's memory the same way. That it resonates so that, twenty years after they've seen it, they can still call it to mind. 

The idiot box can do amazing things if we let it.

[User Picture]From: brumblebean
2007-04-16 11:36 pm (UTC)
I have stopped letting the idiot box do things to me--it was touching me in ways that made me uncomfortable. Just kidding, of course. :-) But really, I haven't had time to sort out the good shows from the bad, so I just watch nothing--well, except BSG which has gone off the air for another year, and The Colbert Report when I can. But that "right shirt" moment on Buffy was amazing indeed. And Chris was a huge fan of thirtysomething.... So you are right, there is good stuff out there, if you have time to sift for the gold....
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