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If you lead, I will follow - bgirlla [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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If you lead, I will follow [Apr. 17th, 2007|06:26 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

So on Sunday night I got to go to the Gilmore Girls wrap party with a friend of mine. She worked on a pilot one of the GG writers did, and since they shot the pilot in South Carolina, the few folks that were back here in L.A. worked out of the GG offices and she got to be friends with everyone. Since she knows I like the show, she asked me to be her date for the evening. 

The party was at a club called Les Deaux, which I'd never been to, but was a really great space. The food was an interesting mix, little hot dogs and hamburgers and ribs, and then sushi! They also had martinis that apparently tasted like grapesicles (I was the designated driver, so I didn't try one). The DJ was AWESOME, lots of 80s music, which was so much fun and great to dance to.  The best thing though, is they had one of those photo booths like they have at arcades, where you climb in and pull the curtain and i will take four pictures (although since this was a computer and printer, they didn't print in a strip, but four to a sheet).  Let me tell you, you want to make a party, rent one of those, it was definitely the hit of the evening.

The only one of the Gilmores there was Lauren Graham (Scott Paterson was also not there that I saw). But most of the other folks were.  I hadn't actually expected to get to talk to any of the actors, because it's their wrap party and they don't know if they are coming back or not, so, you know, it's about them all getting to hang out. But I ended up chatting with Paul Adelstein (Agent Kellerman on Prison Break, also in the Grey's Anatomy spin-off) who is married to Liza Weil who played Paris. In person he's much sexier than the characters I've seen him play, so I'm predicting now if the GA spin-off goes, I think it will do for his career what Grey's did for Patrick Dempsey. Nice guy too.  Also talked to Michael Deluise, who is a childhood friend of a friend of mine. And since David Sutcliffe is also in the pilot my friend worked on, we were talking to him because she'd met him at the pilot wrap party two weeks before.

I have to say, Lauren was being a sport, as various folks nabbed her to get in the photo booth with them. And David Sutcliffe is probaly one of the nicest guys, period. I'm pretty sure he took pictures with everyone in the photo booth, including us. They had originally scheduled the party to be over at midnight, but since so many people were still there, they kept it going another hour. Good party, though it made me miss working on a show a little bit. And I think it's too bad that they didn't know if they were coming back or not. After all those years, it would be nice to know if you were actually saying goodbye, or just "have a good hiatus" you know? 

Didn't end up getting home until 2 a.m. though, so I'm still playing catch-up with my sleep. Still, it was little hot dogs and 80s music, so how can I complain?


From: caf333
2007-04-22 08:27 pm (UTC)
Sounds awesome. As a fellow Gilmore fan, I'm curious about Sutcliffe's pilot, hadn't heard about that. Do you have more information, does it have a name - sorry to ask if it's still confidential. Thanks.

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From: bgirlla
2007-04-24 05:02 pm (UTC)
Last I heard, it was still being called "The Untitled Rina Mimoun" but they may have settled on a title by now. It was at various points being called "Reinventing the Wheelers" and "All Fall Down." David plays Alyssa Milano's husband. Also in it are James Brolin and Mary Steenburgen. It's set in the south and about a family of lawyers. I read an early draft of the script, which was good, but no idea what changes they may have made so I can't tell you much about it besides that. It's for ABC, so whether or not it gets picked up for the fall will be announced at upfronts the week of May 14th. Thefutoncritic.com is the best place to check for news on the upfronts.
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From: caf333
2007-04-27 09:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the answer!
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